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These men will share their biggest and best strategies, tips, tools, and tactics that YOU can use to overcome any challenge, break out of your comfort zone, take command, and SUCCEED in all areas of YOUR life... 
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Join 30,000+ other successful men like YOU who want to BE MORE and 
ACHIEVE MORE in every area of their lives
Join 30,000+ other successful men like YOU who want to BE MORE and ACHIEVE MORE in every 
area of their lives
This elite brotherhood of successful leaders has made the commitment 
to share their experience and expertise with ambitious, driven men like you. 

They'll show you how to ARCHITECT YOUR LIFE with 
proven strategies to help you level up in ALL areas of your life.

The Complete Man Summit is PERFECT for you if…

  • You're successful in certain areas… but in others, you don’t measure up to your own standards, or feel a loss of control... And you want to dominate in EVERY area...

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  • You're tired of “talking heads” who regurgitate the same old advice…
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When you grab your FREE PASS to The Complete Man Summit, you’ll get more than 35+ hours of guidance over 6 DAYS in 5 core areas FROM MEN WHO HAVE LIVED IT:

This is not the rehashed, “skip your daily latte” advice that’s being spoon-fed over and over to the masses. This is real world advice to get you moving faster, making more money... and keeping more of it.

Mega-successful men will share the business building, career-building, wealth-building principles they used to build long lasting, enduring wealth and success. The same principles you can use to achieve the same success.
By now you’ve caught on to the fact that everybody in the fitness industry is trying to keep you chasing the latest trend, fad, and magic bullet. And most of it is bullshit... It doesn’t work long term.

We’ve assembled the best in the industry... men who actually LIVE what they teach, day in and day out... and they give you the REAL advice you need on fitness, wellness, and nutrition. 

Not only to build your best body, but also the mindset you need to keep it strong and healthy.
By now you’ve caught on to the fact that everybody in the fitness industry is trying to keep you chasing the latest trend, fad, and magic bullet. And most of it is bullshit... It doesn’t work long term.

We’ve assembled the best in the industry... men who actually LIVE what they teach, day in and day out... and they give you the REAL advice you need on fitness, wellness, and nutrition. 

Not only to build your best body, but also the mindset you need to keep it strong and healthy.
We all want stronger connections, deeper love and mind-blowing sex. 

But this new, everything has to be politically correct, “masculinity is toxic” fear game has made relationships and dating more confusing than ever. But there are better, more effective ways to navigate these waters...

We’ve brought together the best relationship experts in the business to show you exactly how to make that a reality... so you can create the ideal relationship you want.
You deserve to enjoy the finer things in life. An incredible lifestyle should be a part of your everyday...

To know what booze to drink and how mix the perfect cocktail… What cigars to get for the bachelor party… How to cook the perfect gourmet meal… And when it’s time for some adventure, you want to know how and where to get your adrenaline flowing. 

Our specialized lifestyle experts are here to guide you to live your best life.
You deserve to enjoy the finer things in life. An incredible lifestyle should be a part of your everyday...

To know what booze to drink and how mix the perfect cocktail… What cigars to get for the bachelor party… How to cook the perfect gourmet meal… And when it’s time for some adventure, you want to know how and where to get your adrenaline flowing. 

Our specialized lifestyle experts are here to guide you to live your best life.
Mindfulness, awareness, and being present are big buzzwords right now. And with good reason... Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool, but a lot of meditation can feel slow, soft.

Inner calmness and strength come from being able to laser focus your attention, while the ability to tap into your inner warrior, the innate beast inside you, it’s what allows you to use that attention to create the drive and power to create incredible results. 

We’ve assembled a group of wise, supportive heroes who have been living this practice for years, to show you how to unlock your inner warrior.


All of these men were hand-selected by me because of their exceptional level of expertise and recognition in their field. 

They are the best of the best at what they do, and what they'll share with you isn't from theories or second-hand knowledge... it's all from hard-earned experience in the trenches, as you'll hear when they tell you their stories of successes and failures.

And each of them has committed to giving you all their valuable strategies, tips, tools, and info so you can avoid making the same mistakes they did, while leveraging their successes to create your own. 

Giving you the ammo you need to face and conquer any challenges boldly and with confidence, so you can accelerate your success in every area of your life.

They are a powerful group on men, who have made it their mission to help you succeed and grow. Below is the full speaker schedule, and what they'll be delivering...


Tommy Breedlove

WSJ & USA Today Bestselling Author and Premier Business, Relationship, & Mindset Coach

How to Build and Live a Legendary Life

Tommy is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of the book, “Legendary,” and an internationally renowned keynote speaker. He empowers his coaching clients to build and live Legendary Lives with lasting impact. 

In his masterclass, Tommy is going to show you how to work in your zone of brilliance, obtain financial freedom, and live with meaning and balance by “participating in your own rescue.”

Hank McLarty

CEO and Founder, Gratus Capital

Leading with Resilience and Authenticity

Hank is the CEO and sought-after leader of a Forbes Top 100 US Wealth Management Firm, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Financial Planning Magazine. 

In his masterclass, Hank will tell you the story of how he lost everything and went from working at the top of the wealth management world, to living out of a motel. And he'll give you the step-by-step outline on how you can follow his steps from flat broke to multi-billion-dollar business owner.

Chris Tuff

The Millennial Whisperer

Connected Leadership

Chris is the author of the bestselling book, “The Millennial Whisperer” and a sought-after digital marketing expert, featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The New York Times, and Business Insider. Chris became the youngest partner in the 100-year history of the advertising agency, 22squared, where he turned a team of Millennials from an “investment” into a major profit center. 

In his masterclass, Chris is going to teach you how to lead anyone - not just millennials - with empathy and connection in a practical way that that can help you optimize all your relationships AND see greater business results.

Steve Kidd

International Bestselling Author, host of The Thriving Entrepreneur

Write Your Bestseller in One Hour

Steve Kidd has created a highly effective system that over 2000 people have used to write, publish and market their book… and ALL 2000 have become bestsellers. 

In his masterclass, Steve will show you the power of being a best selling author, and how it’s your most important marketing element and key to making real money, no matter what industry you’re in. And if you’ve been dreading the thought of hours and hours sweating over a keyboard, Steve will help you reframe what you thought were obstacles into exciting opportunities and a clear message… and have your bestseller written in an hour.

Josh Brunson

Creator of Mastery in Sales

Stop Treating Sales Like a One Night Stand

Josh Brunson is a master sales professional and Certified National Sales Trainer with nearly two decades of experience turning average salespeople into top-earning rockstars. And he has been the top sales performer for every company he’s ever worked for. 

In his masterclass, Josh will teach you the the same techniques that have made him so successful, including the Psychology of the Sale, ignoring quotas, building real connection, and other foundational techniques he’s used to break sales records.


Taylor Barnes

High Performance Speaker and Writer

The Sales Machine

Taylor W. Barnes is a founding partner and Vice President of Global Business Solutions at CentricsIT, one of the fastest-growing companies in Georgia, and one of the top IT Solution Providers in North America. The company’s sales have increased by 400% since Taylor assumed sales leadership. 

In his masterclass, Taylor is going to share his principles for how you can systematically increase your sales by increasing happiness and productivity in your people and reducing employee turnover.

Kingsley Charles

Creator of The Wealthy CEO

Richer, Faster: How Entrepreneurs Excel

Kingsley Charles has spent the last 15 years as a business and financial consultant to private firms, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies ranging from start-up, to over $200M in sales. His expertise is showing his clients how to keep more of the money they make, and how to grow their money 10X.

In his masterclass, Kingsley is going to reveal how you can take charge of your own financial investments and protect yourself from wild market fluctuations—even if you’re a money novice. These are the wealth building secrets used by the super-rich that you can use to build real wealth faster and safer.

Adam Smith

Co-Founder of Forge Legend, Former Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces

Master Mentality: The Mentality of Power

Adam Smith spent 17 years as Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces, before retiring. He now runs Forge Legend, a firm that teaches executives and entrepreneurs how to employ the same tactics and strategies he used to be successful as a Special Forces operator, and apply it to their lives and businesses.

In his masterclass, Adam is going to show you how you can take these tactics and strategies to become an unstoppable and inspirational leader in your business. He also shows you how he creates a battle plan that allows you to identify, adapt to, and conquer any challenges that come your way.

Marc Hodulich

CEO and Co-Founder of 29029

Lean In and Seek Discomfort

Marc is an ultra-marathoner and endurance racer, and has founded multiple nationwide event series, raised millions for charitable partners, and garnered national press coverage from Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, and ESPN. He firmly believes people can transform their lives through extreme physical experiences. 

In his masterclass, Marc will show you how to endure any challenge and build a “life resume,” whether you want to master the world’s hardest climbs or simply master yourself.

Jake Haupert

Co-Founder of The Transformational Travel Council, Explorer X, and ROAM Beyond

How to Travel Like a Hero

Jake Haupert is on a mission to transform travelers, tourism, and humanity using transformational travel. He’s been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, NPR, Skift, Shape, Vox.com, USAToday, and Seattle Met for inspiring the next generation of impact travel, one that is rooted in contemporary science, universal truths, and consciousness. 

In his masterclass, Jake’s going to show you how to unleash your inner explorer, how to use travel for personal transformation, and how answering the call to adventure can lead to uncommonly heroic acts.


Gregg Avedon

NASM-CPT Fitness Expert, World-Renowned Personal Trainer, Model

The Goliath Plan

Gregg has been a professional model and personal trainer in the fitness industry for over 30 years... and has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Discovery Health Channel, and People Magazine. And Gregg has perfected the art of staying in top shape year-round. 

In his masterclass “The Goliath Plan”, Gregg will share the simple, formulaic process he uses to stay in top, fitness cover shape 365 days a year. In his words, he’ll show you how to get out “exactly what you put in.”

Clark Bartram

NASM-CPT Fitness Expert, World-Renowned Personal Trainer, Model

Mastering the Fitness Mindset

Clark Bartram has been on the cover of more than 130 fitness magazines, co-hosted ESPN’s “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” is a former Marine and rugby player, and he lives the fitness lifestyle every single day. And at 56 years old, he’s not slowing down one bit and is still in cover model shape.

In his masterclass, Clark will show you how to cultivate the mindset you can use to get into top physical shape, no matter where you are now or how old you are. As Clark says, “Any guy can look like me, I’m not special… it’s all about your mindset and making the commitment to certain habits every day.”

Juan Carlos "JC" Santana

Fitness maverick, founder of the Institute of Human Performance, author

Functional Training in a Post-Quarantine World

For more than 30 years, JC Santana has been raising the bar in the fitness industry. Referred to as “the country’s leading practitioner of functional fitness,” he has personally trained and developed programs for professional sports, government agencies, youth fitness, and for accelerated rehabilitation. His advanced understanding of bio-mechanics and conditioning have made him the go-to guy for those interested in reaching their optimal performance levels.

In his masterclass, JC is going to show you how to get into shape in a post-quarantine world, using his favorite at-home training gear and your own body weight. JC’s goal is to get you maximum results with minimal effort.

Alejandro Borgos

USMC Weapons & Tactics Instructor, founder of Sovereign Self Defense

The Mastery of Firearms

Alejandro Borgos is a former US Marine, where he rose in the ranks from aviation mechanic, to Helicopter Door Gunner, to Aerial Weapons and Tactics Instructor. As an NRA certified instructor, Alex teaches his self-defense students the fundamentals of marksmanship, courage, and leadership in high-risk situations. 

Alex will be showing you how to properly handle a firearm and will demonstrate how to shoot with accuracy even during the most critical emergency situations.

Craig Caudill

Director and Chief Instructor, Nature Reliance School

The Four Pieces of Vital Survival

Craig Caudill is a master naturalist, educator, podcaster, and author. For nearly five decades he has actively pursued experiential knowledge of all things related to awareness, safety, and survival in the outdoors. He has trained numerous government agencies in backwoods survival, mantracking, and situational awareness, and he has contributed to Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Backwoods Survival Guide, and many more. 
In his masterclass, Craig will teach you the Mindset, Skills, Tactics and Gear that will give you real-world, bulletproof confidence for surviving in the wild.


Jon Benson

Author of the upcoming book “Epic Love: A Deep Dive into Radical Intimacy”

Epic Love: A Deep Dive into Radical Intimacy

Jon is the bestselling author of numerous books in the health, wellness, and the digital marketing space, and has embarked on his latest adventure he calls the “alpha challenge” - an exploration of the meaning of life and how deeply we can love. 

In his masterclass Jon is going to explain the difference between “epic” love and “functional” love, challenge you to tap into your courage and honesty and explore the biggest fear many men have: radical intimacy. And give you the 5 steps to creating epic love in your life.

Bobby Rio

Creator of “Make Small Talk Sexy”

7 Conversation Tactics to Transform Your Social/Dating Life

Bobby Rio is considered the #1 authority on breaking “nice guy” habits for men looking to improve their dating and social life. Since Bobby was shy growing up and never had success with women, he had to teach himself the social skills that came naturally to some men, and became an expert at passing these skills along to other men who want to improve their dating life. 

In his masterclass, Bobby will teach you how to reclaim your power with women, extricate yourself from the “nice guy” category, and show you the tool you can use as a catalyst to become a more attractive version of yourself.

Adam Gilad

Co-Founder of the Bold Life Brotherhood, Dating & relationship coach

Live Bold! Love Bold!

Besides being the leader of a dating and relationship community empowering over 40,000 men and women, Adam Gilad is a Stanford Research Fellow and Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer and screenwriter with over 20 television credits. And he firmly believes that life isn’t meant to be boring, and lives bold every day. 

In his masterclass, Adam is going to show you how you can create boldness in your dating life, in your family life, your business life… and experience the incredible benefits that come from not living life on the couch.

Paul Ramsay

Board Certified Hypnotist & Hypnosis Instructor

Connection vs Intimacy: Enriching Your Relationships With 3 Simple Skills

Paul Ramsay is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Paul has appeared on television, radio, podcasts, and in print media, and when he is not performing across the US as a stage hypnotist, he works with private clients to help them live happier, healthier, more abundant lives. 

In his masterclass, Paul is going to reveal the power of cultivating the skill of creating intimacy in your relationships and why missing this essential “happiness factor” may have been the cause of personal struggle.

Ryan Black

International Dating Coach

The Hefner Effect: Creating Abundance in Your Life

Ryan Black is the UK’s high-paid direct dating & holistic transformation coach for men, and he travels around the world teaching men how to attract women with honesty and authenticity. Even though he spent his early life as a self described “nerdy loser” who didn’t have a date until college.

In his masterclass, Ryan will teach you how to confidently meet and date women, and create abundance in your dating life—whether you want to find one amazing woman, or 10 or 20 amazing women—as the real you, without using manipulation, deception or control.

Rob Judge

Founder of Date Hotter Girls, internationally recognized dating columnist and coach 

Attraction 2.0: Using Social Media as an Aphrodisiac

Rob Judge is one of the top dating coaches in the game, and the author of the award-winning book “The 4 Elements of Game.” Rob has recently collaborated with fellow dating coach, and Complete Man Summit expert, Bobby Rio, on a number of the most popular and highly-rated products in the dating market like "Magnetic Messaging" and "Unlock the Scrambler."

In his masterclass, Rob is going to give you the modern man’s roadmap to navigating the digital information age using tools like social media to successfully meet, attract, and KEEP high quality women.


Alex Allman

Creator of the Revolutionary Sex and Masculinity Mastery programs

How To Keep Your Long Term Relationships Sexy, 
Passionate, and Fun

Alex Allman is the creator of the best selling books and programs that have helped tens of thousands of men, women, and couples enjoy more passionate relationships, overcome insecurities, enhance sexual pleasure, create deeper intimacy and communication, and improve their sexual confidence.

In his masterclass, Alex is going to give you effect strategies to keep the spark alive in your relationships way beyond the honeymoon. He’ll show you the difference between surface attraction and deep attraction, what qualities keep women hot, attracted, and loyal in long term relationships. You’ll also learn what masculine authenticity looks like and why it's so powerful. This is about creating epic sexual experiences for women... without all of the nonsense and marketing hype.

Stephan Thieringer

CEO and Founder, Human Innovation Garage

Narcissism - Destructive to You and Your Company Culture

Stephan is a Business Thinker, Executive Coach, and a Fool. He was recognized as one of the 2020 World's 101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders by the World Human Resource Development Congress and the World Coaching Conference, and was a 2019 Future of Leadership Salon Thought Leader. His Human Innovation Garage was recognized in 2018 as a Top 30 Innovative Visionary Small Business in the US.

In his masterclass, Stephan is going to show you how narcissism stems from learned behaviors taught to us as men from an early age on... and how as we age and collect "successes," this can cause hurt to family and loved ones, colleagues, and friends. He’ll give you proven strategies to recognize when this is happening in your life, and how to turn it around, no matter where your relationships are right now.

Kevin Ouzts

Owner of The Spotted Trotter, chef, charcuterie expert

Charcuterie: A Good Starting Place

Kevin Ouzts is a chef, an instructor at the Institute de Fromage, and one of the country’s foremost experts on charcuterie. You can find his Spotted Trotter Boutique Batched Charcuterie and meats at retailers all over the US, as well as on Delta First Class flights to Europe, and on the menu at select premier hotels.

In his masterclass, Kevin will be giving you a 5-star education in the art of curing, smoking, and fermenting humanely sourced proteins. And how to pair them with the finest cheeses so you can create restaurant-quality charcuterie boards at home.

Chef Jean-Pierre Brehier

James Beard nominated chef, and author

Cooking 101

Chef Jean-Pierre began his formal apprenticeship at L’ Oustau De Baumaniere in Provence, one of the world’s finest restaurants with a 3-star Michelin rating. He started the renowned South Florida restaurant, The Left Bank, which was named one of America’s best 100 restaurants. And he was nominated by the prestigious James Beard foundation along with Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Chef Jean-Pierre currently runs a cooking school where he has more than 20,000 regular students.

In his masterclass, Chef Jean-Pierre will teach you the foundational principles of cooking you will be able to apply for a lifetime. Everything from what knives to choose and how to use them, to the secrets to making incredible sauces at home.

Robert Haynes-Peterson

Writer/Editor in Luxury Lifestyle and Food & Drink

If You Drink, You Ought To Drink Well

Robert Haynes-Peterson, better known as RHP, has spent 20 years writing and editing for some of the top lifestyle websites and magazines, including Accent Magazine, Time Out New York, Business Insider, Wine Enthusiast, CBS New York, Daily Beast and more. He is certified by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, the American Sommelier Association, and the Beverage Alcohol Resource.

In his masterclass, RHP is going to give you a primer on different spirits, and then show you how to make sure you’re drinking the absolute best spirits possible—for you and for the world—without breaking the bank. Then he’ll demonstrate how to mix some perfect date-night cocktails, and run down the essential equipment for your home bar.

Anthony “Radar” Risoli

Versatile Restaurant Man

Creating Intimacy With the Perfect Date-Night Dinner

A South Philly native, Anthony “Radar” Risoli has been in food service for over 38 years. Trained on-the-job in european tradition by Italian chefs, he’s cooked at some of the hottest restaurants in South Florida, and for some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world.

In his masterclass, Radar is going to guide you through making an impressive Italian dinner for two from scratch. He’ll show you the exact ingredients and techniques to use to ensure the perfect result, even if you’ve never boiled water before. And since a perfect homemade meal is the key to jumpstarting intimacy, he’ll also give you the history of the dish, the story of the region it comes from, and the perfect wine to pair it with, so you can wow her while you cook.


Eric Rogell

Host of The Complete Man Summit, podcast host, author

How to Live a Heroic Life

Besides hosting The Complete Man Summit, Eric Rogell is a bestselling author, speaker, podcast host and men’s lifestyle journalist whose work has appeared in Men’s Health, Discovery.com, Maxim.com, AskMen, and more. For the last decade, he has made it his mission to get men access to the tool, tactics, information and strategies we need to become the best men we can be.

In his masterclass, Eric is going to show you how to see the Hero’s Journey you are on right now, to embrace the challenges you are going through, conquer them, and to become aware of the Warrior, Lover, King, and Hero you are being every day. And to step into them more deliberately. He’ll also lay out the incredible power of adopting a set of core values for yourself, and how living by them can create a legendary life. 

Rob James

Founder of Self Discovery Life Mastery

The Legacy of Heroes

Rob James was raised in the little-known cattle heartland of South Central Florida and has been a cowboy, a US Marine, top sales person, and a sincere explorer of consciousness for over 30 years. After becoming disillusioned about his life at a young age, Rob went on a quest to distill the fundamental mechanics of human consciousness into an original body of work that is now called “Self Discovery Life Mastery” - a revolutionary human potential strategy that thousands of people have used to powerfully transform their lives. 

In this unique masterclass, you'll listen in as Rob and Eric Rogell have an in-depth, man-to-man, discussion of the heroic men who had an indelible impact on their lives, and the characteristics and qualities that made these men such revered heroes. They'll explore the lessons learned from these role models, and what they integrated into their own lives... and what you can integrate into your life as well.

Dr. Barry Weinberg

Self Discovery Life Mastery Coach, Chiropractor, author, musician

Transforming Stress into Fuel for Growth

Dr. Barry Weinberg has practiced as a chiropractor for over 25 years in his wellness center, A Place for Healing, and is also a musician and author of the books, “A Clear Path to Healing” and “To Face a Dragon.” He later amped up his ability to accelerate a person’s well-being by becoming a Self Discovery Life Mastery Coach. 

In his masterclass, Barry is going to reveal the access to your body’s super-healing powers and show you how to use the power of your attention & attitude to release stress and create optimal wellness, and growth.

Alejandro Borgos

USMC Weapons & Tactics Instructor, founder of Sovereign Self Defense

Aggressive Initiative

Alejandro Borgos is a former US Marine, where he rose in the ranks from aviation mechanic to Helicopter Door Gunner to Aerial Weapons and Tactics Instructor. As an NRA certified instructor, Alex teaches his self-defense students the fundamentals of marksmanship, courage, and leadership in high-risk situations. 

In his masterclass, Alejandro will show you how to effectively tap into your natural aggressiveness and use this power to create action and results. Far from being negative or “bad” as so many of us are taught as men, you’ll learn how aggression is vital to your psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and to your overall success. 

Men of the Roundtable

Jon Archer, Alejandro Borgos, Tom Byrne, Doug Cerny, Mark Haney, Barry Weinberg

Panel Discussion: Being a Man

This is a powerful, deep-dive, panel discussion with host Eric Rogell and the six men of the Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes podcast Roundtable. We will be talking about recurring themes that have been repeated in the masterclasses, such as courage, facing and conquering challenges, commitment, love... and how to integrate these lessons into your life.

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Author, Podcast Host, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Speaker, Creator of The Complete Man Summit

Quick introduction: I'm Eric Rogell.

And I have made it my mission to make sure men have the tools necessary to empower and inspire us to be the best men we can be. 

I spent the early part of my career as a men’s lifestyle journalist (anyone remember The Bachelor Guy?), traveling the world interviewing men, attending product launches, marketing roundtables and to cover men’s events. If men wanted to know about it, I went.

Several years ago I wrote “The Art of War for Dating” which hit #2 on Barnes & Noble’s Self-Help & Relationships list… but don’t read it, it’s garbage. You’ll find much better info on the Summit.

On a personal note, I was raised primarily by my mom, and embarked on a decades-long journey to find my masculine, becoming passionate about mentoring other men. And after years of writing about gear and gadgets, cars, booze, and adventure travel, I decided to focus on my passion of helping men find their inner hero.

In 2019 I started the podcast, “Eric Rogell Talks to Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes” giving men a platform to tell their real story of how they became the men they are today. And I recently founded the BOLDMEN Initiative to provide men with the mentors, leaders, and experiences we need to grow and thrive, and to provide guidance for future leaders.

I created the Complete Man Summit to expose tens of thousands of men of all ages and demographics to the best experts, leaders, and mentors who can guide them to being the best men they can be.

If you’re ready to commit to being your best, we are here to show you the way…

I've been on my own hero's journey for more than three decades, and it's my duty and my honor to be your brother and your guide on your hero's journey.

Get Access to 30+ World Class Experts, Mentors, 
and Industry-Heavyweights Who Are Coming Together to 
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